A Story of Impact

Our Salon + Boutique Partners are the heart of our company. We believe so deeply in their unique influence and their ability to change lives every single day. One of our partners, Retrospective Salon, has truly exemplified the very heartbeat of MISSIO since joining as a partner with us in January. We had the privilege of interviewing them recently and once we read their responses, we HAD to share! We know that their story will inspire and encourage you!


1. How did you find out about MISSIO?

“We met Lorin and Kyle at a hair show in Birmingham. We were near the MISSIO room to sit in on a men’s cutting class but it turned out to be something that wouldn’t benefit us. Lorin saw us (looking lost and confused probably) so she invited us into her presentation and she used words like ‘honored’ and ‘grateful’ , which are words you do not hear that often from artists at a hair show...so we immediately knew that was where we were supposed to be.”


2. What was the THING that resonated in your heart and propelled you to join the movement?

“Lorin told a story about a young girl she had gone to serve that had just been rescued from a sex trafficker. She told us how the young girl was very shut-off and would not even hold her head up or look her in the eye. Then Lorin said something I will NEVER forget. She said ‘As I sat down on the floor to polish her toenails I realized that there is nothing more humbling than placing yourself lower than someone who is in the lowest moment of their life.’ As tears were literally flowing from the mere four people who had come to her presentation I knew that we were going to walk away changed and doing what we could to take our talent beyond the chair…however that looked for us.”


3. How did you take the heart and mission of MISSIO to your own community?

First, we called a meeting with our owner and began our campaign of trying to help him understand that we HAD TO begin carrying the MISSIO brand. Not simply because it is an AMAZING product line (we had been using it ourselves since we purchased it at the hair show), but because we knew that by doing so we were automatically joining the fight. That took three months! In the meantime, we were searching for places to serve in our community and we were led to a small alternative school in the rural area of Eton Georgia.


4. Can you share one impactful story from your community service experiences?

“We serve kids that attend an alternative school, which is where they are sent after making bad decisions in their home schools and getting suspended or expelled. Each student has a different story and they share those with us while we are cutting their hair. We know we can’t change the way they live from day to day, but we CAN offer them a hug, words of encouragement and someone to hear them. They share their hopes and their dreams and it’s incredible the amount of courage they have in spite of their current situations. I received this text from one of the teachers after we left our last visit with the kids:

‘One morning this week, after your visit, I walked into the cafeteria and standing up, talking was a good looking guy wearing a green Cabela’s hoodie. Before your visits he always looked scraggly. But standing before me was a self-confident young man. He was happy and he knew he looked good. I was moved to tears! Y’all do so much, you change a kid’s appearance and this gives them self-confidence. They hold their head higher, smile and walk a little taller. It’s amazing!’”


5. What would you tell others who might be nervous to step out in service or may not know where to begin?

“I would tell them to simply keep their eyes open for ANY opportunity to serve! It does not have to be in the human trafficking arena for them to be able to make a difference and impact peoples lives! MISSIO has supported us in ALL our outreach opportunities and we are planning to continue what we have started by providing free haircuts to children who are currently in foster home situations. We love helping kids because so many times they are in situations that were NOT their choice and most of the time those situations are not good ones. We provide love, a hug and words of encouragement along with boosting their self-esteem by giving them a free haircut!”


6. In what ways has choosing MISSIO changed your salon/business and your everyday life?

“I am so proud to say that because of the amazing quality of the products and the incredible mission of the MISSIO brand, our products sales are up over 50% from last year to date this year! It’s a product and a mission we really believe in and our clients believe in as well!

When it comes to our personal lives I think I can speak for all the girls who participate in our outreaches when I say that the MISSIO brand and their mission literally lit a fire in our hearts to go outside the salon and beyond our chairs to use our God-given talents. You have helped us find our purpose and we are so grateful for that leadership! We are HONORED to be able to be a small part of the bigger picture!”

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