Beauty From Ashes

Being a hairstylist has given me the chance to serve women from all walks of life. I found that every woman, no matter their background, goes through times of losing their hope, questioning their value, and searching for their purpose. 

Do you know what I also discovered? Something as simple as a haircut can remind a woman of her unshakeable value and purpose. I have seen beauty lead women to hope and to healing. 

This is why we started MISSIO. To use beauty to restore hope and fight human trafficking. 

Each week we open the doors to our studio salon to women who are at risk and in recovery in our own community. It is our honor and privilege to serve them and offer them a beautiful space to come, receive a haircut, color, or both at no cost. 

Life circumstances have caused a lot of these women to be tired and worn out. Many have weathered a tough journey away from being trafficked, abusive relationships or challenging health issues. Many are working on laying down addictions for a final time and often long for their relationships with their children to be restored. Some have just come from living off of the streets and into a shelter for the first time, while some are stepping back into the world looking for employment. Many of them just need a peaceful place to spend an afternoon and be reminded of who they are, that they are beautiful and that they are worthy of love. 

Providing a hair cut or color is just a tool. It is simple yet powerful in helping remind them of their worth. It helps them see that they can begin to believe in themselves again and it encourages them to start fresh on their new journey. In our salon chair, we have seen confidence be restored and have seen God work in amazing ways to heal what was broken in their lives. It is our greatest joy to serve them. 

The women always leave in awe of who is looking back at them in the mirror. Often moved to tears, there are smiles and hugs all around as fresh confidence is restored. 

As Alyssa on our team said, “They always leave different than they come.” And that is why we do what we do… and coach others around the country to do the same. Thank YOU for being a part and helping to make this possible.


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