Hey friends and Happy New Year!

We just want to take a few minutes to reflect on 2019. Wow…what a year it has been! Our team has taken some time over the past couple of weeks to reflect on all that has been done in one year in the life of MISSIO, and we are so grateful. Sometimes we can’t even believe where we were a year ago! 

As many of you may know, we launched MISSIO in our garage two and half years ago with a passion and vision in our hearts to use beauty to restore hope and fight human trafficking. It’s a vision that you have joined, and we truly are telling a different story about beauty together. 2019 has been a pivotal year for us. Our business has grown steadily with MISSIO products being shipped and sold all over the country. We are honored by the encouraging messages we receive from all over about how much you love the products, the story and the beauty of the brand, and the fragrances…we all LOVE the fragrances! 

Hopefully, you can also see that the hair products and our brand is our platform to show all people their true beauty. It is what we are the most passionate about as a company, the main reason that we are building MISSIO. While we are grateful for the widespread media attention, the increase in exposure and sales, that vast amounts of traveling, and our overall growth, we are the most thankful for how MISSIO has become a movement of difference makers helping to shine light on the difficult and widespread injustice of human trafficking. 

Here are some of the ways YOU all have made a difference with us through our initiatives to EDUCATE, SERVE, and GIVE: 

  • Our team has directly educated 1,182 people in Human Trafficking Prevention and Warning Signs. We have given away over 5,000 of education cards to stylists and customers, providing the resources they need to fight this issue in their own communities 

  • We have directly served 248 survivors of human trafficking or those who are at-risk. Indirectly, through our platform to network and link stylists up with opportunities in their own cities, hundreds more have been served.

  • MISSIO has given over $10,000 to our partner non-profit organizations fighting this issue around the world, have donated over $6,000 worth of MISSIO hair products, and have arranged for the donation of nearly $3000 in gift cards for salon services. 

Additionally, we have had the opportunity to speak in front of thousands of people in many different contexts to encourage them and show them that there is hope in fighting issues like human trafficking. There is not enough time to write about all of the stories we’ve heard, experiences we’ve been a part of, and friends we’ve made, but for each of those, we are truly grateful. 

We can’t come close to expressing how grateful we are to YOU for supporting MISSIO and for being a part of this movement of difference makers. This year was AMAZING…imagine what we can do in 2020! 


Lorin, Kyle, and the MISSIO Team 

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