Favorite Products Review: Kelly Hillegass

Our friend Kelly Hillegass was born and raised in our beloved city, Wilmington, North Carolina. She is a talented creative and stylist having gained incredible experience in NYC and Wilmington. She launched her own styling company this summer and provides personal, commercial, and editorial styling services. We are big fans of her work and are so excited to share the top two products of MISSIO Hair that she is a huge fan of and why. Be sure to check out her website at https://www.kellyhillegass.com.

LIGHTWEIGHT CONDITIONER: “I was immediately drawn to MISSIO’s packaging, after looking at the simple ingredients I had to purchase. After hearing what they stand for and trying the lightweight glossing conditioner, I started telling everyone I knew about this company! The conditioner leaves my hair smelling amazing and completely touchable like no other conditioner can after highlighting and days in the ocean. As a surfer, my hair gets really dry and I have yet to find a conditioner that works better. This product is light enough to use daily and still leaves me with volume. I feel good about where I am putting my money and also feel safe using this product in my outdoor shower. I'm obsessed and will be a lifetime fan.

COCONUT CLEANSING POWDER: “The coconut cleansing powder is a lifesaver for me. I was looking for a safer solution to keep my blowout going all week. I am so happy I have found a non-aerosol dry shampoo with safe soothing ingredients I don't have to be worried about applying to my scalp. I have tried a ton of dry shampoos before, but most leave my hair really dry and crunchy, but this powder leaves my hair soft and full of volume. I can brush through my hair easily! It honestly looks like a fresh blowout and makes my hair lasts all week with a fresh natural smell. I feel good about the brand I am supporting and save so much time with this product!

TEXTURE PASTE: “The texture paste is just the consistency I have been looking for. This easy matte paste is perfect for securing flyaways or taming my wild beach hair frizz in the summer. I keep it in my purse for emergencies! I found this product after going to an event for Hurricane relief last year. MISSIO had a booth and I purchased more of my favorite conditioner (their lightweight glossing conditioner), and they gave me a nice sized sample of the paste to try.”

Everything about this brand is wonderful from the purpose, the packaging, the ingredients, price point, to the amazing quality of this product. For those reasons I continue to purchase this brand for myself and as gifts for others. But, it is the amazing team of people behind this line that have pushed me to share my love, review, post and tell everyone I know about this brand. I have been able to get to know Lorin through community events this past year and her and her team continue to amaze and inspire me. If you haven't purchased anything from MISSIO yet. What are you waiting for? Seriously, this is not fluff I love this stuff. Every product makes my hair more manageable and makes it easier and quicker for me to get out the door in the morning. Thank you for what you do!

-Kelly Hillegass

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