Hair Secrets: Missio's Guide to Shine

Long or short, curly or straight… SHINY hair is what most women (and a lot of men) want. When you see someone with an incredible amount of shine, you just KNOW their hair is healthy. It probably means they take great care of their hair, right? Perhaps visiting the salon frequently to get that treatment, glaze or color refresh? How does someone keep up that healthy glow? Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way to achieve this at home without it being a crazy expense?

So here’s a little hair lesson:

Each strand of hair has a surface of tiny cuticles. These small scales on the surface of your hair lie flat if they have enough moisture. Without the nourishment they need, they will rise, creating a brittle and more rigid surface on each strand. When light hits your hair, a smooth surface will reflect light, causing it to look shiny, whereas a rough surface will not reflect in the same way. Instead it is more prone to damage, frizz and split ends! Yikes!!!

And THIS, ladies and gentlemen is why we decided to pack as many nourishing properties into our products as possible... because we want to leave those cuticles happy and nourished with every use, resulting in shiny and RADIANT hair!

So now you are probably thinking… taking this kind of care of my hair has to be expensive! Well (drumroll please) the great news is, we’ve created a way for you to care for your hair without frequent visits to the salon or breaking the bank.

HERE'S THE SECRET: It can be as simple as the CONDITIONER that you choose. Luckily MISSIO’s Glossing conditioner is FULL of nourishing properties that help restore and strengthen hair with each use. It will boast shine and softness like never before! (And for an extra dose of shine, pair it with our Gentle Cleansing Golden Shampoo!)

So how EXACTLY does it work?

So here’s the deal. There are so many wonderful natural ingredients on this earth that can help boost the SHINE factor for your hair…  so we have curated a special blend for our products. Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Avocado and Coconut Oil are four nourishing oils that are included in our Glossing conditioners! This incredible blend works wonders on hair! Sounds like a pretty yummy recipe, huh?

And let us just tell you, IT WORKS. We have received so many testimonials and messages about how people are so in love with the conditioner and the way it adds such SHINE to their hair, even from the first use.

So everyone, let’s keep those strands happy and healthy by giving them the nourishment they need. We can’t wait for you to try our conditioner, because we know you’ll be hooked. And not only that, but you will be making a PURCHASE with a PURPOSE!

Because our desire is to not only make hair beautiful, but to do something BEAUTIFUL with each purchase.

Much love,

The MISSIO Style Team

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