Hello Heavenly Hydration... How to care for your winter hair!

 Heavenly Hydration

One of the most important things to keep in mind for ultimate hair health is keeping hair HYDRATED! In the cold winter months everything feels dry. Freezing temps and dry air create a situation where our skin and hair need extra attention and love. An easy way to be sure that you are keeping those locks shiny, healthy and nourished is simply by using one of our top selling products: MISSIO Conditioner.

This Dreamy product comes in TWO versions: the Light for fine to normal hair and the Luxe for normal to dry. These two (depending on your hair type) can be your best friend when facing dryness. They not only smell amazing (fresh hints of pineapple, bergamot, and lychee melded with white tea, golden amber and more) but it seems as if your hair drinks it. Avocado, sunflower seed, jojoba and coconut oils leave hair silky soft with a glossy shine without weighing hair down! Antioxidant-rich extracts nourish the hair, while an incredible ingredient called baobab seed protein works to protect from heat, repair damage, and strengthen with every use. Hello hydrating miracle!

Three ways to hydrate

One of the best parts about this product is its ability be used multiple ways! Here are three ways to hydrate with MISSIO’s Light or Luxe Conditioners:

In the shower: You can use it as a traditional conditioner and apply it to your hair on the mid-lengths to ends in the shower, leave it on 2-3 mins before rinsing for extra softness. 

As a leave-in conditioner: You can also use a dime size amount as a leave-in conditioner applied to the mid-lengths and ends to protect, nourish, strengthen and detangle before air drying for added nourishment and hydration. 

As a hair treatment: Lastly, if your hair is in need of some extra love, you can use this product as a hair treatment. Apply a nickel to quarter size amount to damp hair, throw it in a braid, a clip or cap and leave on for 30 mins or longer. Then rinse! This will help to deeply nourish and repair, leaving your hair silky soft and shiny and smelling like a dream!

For less than $30 a bottle, it’s the easiest way to keep hair healthy and hydrated with a heavenly scent. Believe us, your winter hair will thank you! 

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