Hope In The Darkness

One of the reasons we started this company is because we believe in the idea that beauty can be used to restore hope and fight human trafficking. Our Co-Founder, Lorin, along with teams of stylists, volunteers and MISSIO staff, have been serving women in need who have been victims of abuse for years. Through these experiences, they have met and spent time with countless women with incredibly courageous stories.

One beautiful young woman had grown up unfortunately abused and mistreated in the foster care system. She found her self with no choice but to run away from home. On the streets, now homeless, she was soon after lured into the “care” of a trafficker. With his name tattooed on her forehead (a mark of property), she began servicing other men while he received the profits for her forced “work”. After a car accident and a miraculous chain of events a few years later she found herself able to escape and enroll in a recovery program. This is where Lorin and the team got to serve her, wash her feet, treat her to a relaxing spa-like afternoon while getting to know her beautiful soul.

“She was one of the most joyful people I’ve ever met. Not only was she thrilled to receive a pedicure, and have her toenails painted bright pink, but she was such an amazing example of hope and how restoration can be found after the darkness. She shared with me how through the program she was learned about what REAL love looked like, that it is patient and kind, and that is not how this man had treated her. She was beginning to see herself in a new light- and to not be defined not by her past, but see herself the way that God sees her, full of purpose and worthy of a future.”

This beautiful young woman will forever remain in our hearts and mind… A precious story of restoration and healing who we have had the privilege to serve. Thank you for being a part of MISSIO and believing in the beautiful idea that hope CAN be found after the darkness.


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