We all deserve to be pampered, to be refreshed in a way that only a fresh hair wash and style can provide. It does something within us. It restores a sense of value and confidence, it reminds our hearts that we are worth the time spent.

A couple of weeks ago we got to be a part of a very special day with one of our non-profit partners and one of our salons partners. A Safe Place in Wilmington, NC has an incredible staff of women who work selflessly and relentlessly to put an end to the commercial sex industry and sex trafficking. They spend their days pouring out time, energy, love, passion, and fight for victims of human trafficking. We at MISSIO know the toll that serving within such a heavy, yet beautiful field can take on a person, so we wanted to make sure that their staff had a day of feeling refreshed and pampered.

They needed headshot photos taken for their website, so we saw the opportunity to connect them with one of our local wholesale salons - Set Dry Bar. Kate, owner of the Dry Bar, has always expressed her desire to serve and partner more with A Safe Place, so we knew that it could be a perfect fit. What an incredible way to use their space and talents- to serve a local non-profit staff with a gift that they don’t get to receive often!

What did it look like? It was one morning of opening their salon early and welcoming the staff of A Safe Place in to provide complimentary washes and blowouts- helping each women feel their best for their new headshots. We got the privilege of being there as well, enjoying conversation, running to get everyone’s favorite coffee, and just spending time with the wonderful ladies who we get to call partners.

It was such a special day that we got to be a part of! It takes a village to love your community and we are so grateful for our growing village. YOU are a part of serving opportunities like this just from choosing MISSIO products. Thank you!

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