Magnolia: Spring at the Silos

Waco, Texas here we come! We are so excited to finally let this little, or okay- BIG secret out... MISSIO Hair has been chosen to be one of 90 vendors at a very special event with Magnolia. It is called Spring at the Silos, and by some off chance that you’ve never heard of it let us tell you more!

It is a weekend full of magic where tens of thousands of people from all over welcome spring in all of the best ways at the Magnolia Silos. Florals galore, live music, book signings, food trucks, and a free vendor fair. It is truly a celebration!

Around 700 businesses applied to be a vendor at this sought after event, and we are humbled to say that MISSIO was one of 90 chosen to be featured. We are absolutely ecstatic to be able to share our beautiful products and beautiful purpose with the Magnolia family and attendees from near and far. The dates for this year are March 14-16th, so just one month away!

Our mission is to inspire a movement of difference makers who use beauty to restore hope and fight human trafficking. We cannot wait to have the opportunity to share with thousands in Waco how choosing a product with a purpose can and is truly changing lives. We are believing for great things and we get so excited thinking about how our non-profit partners will be blessed as a direct result of this event.

Be sure to follow along @MISSIOHair. If you are interested in attending, seeing a list of the other vendors, or just learning more visit MAGNOLIA.

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