Making a Difference Beyond The Chair

A recent email we received from a stylist who attended our education in Alabama reads…

"Very rarely can I quote what I hear people say but the words that Lorin used when we heard her speak in Alabama will stick with me FOREVER! She was telling us the story about sitting on the floor and polishing the toenails of a girl who was just rescued from her captor. “There is something very humbling about positioning yourself lower than a person who is at the lowest point of their life. So powerful.”

Our team read the email aloud in the office, we were in awe. 

Later, this INSPIRED stylist went on to write:

“The girls and I have set up our first outreach, December 3rd. We will be taking our talent on the road to visit a school where kids from 6th-12th grade are sent when they get in trouble and are expelled from their home school. It is in a very poor area of North Georgia and most of them come from broken homes and/or foster care. My sister in law works there and she says all the kids really need and WANT is to be loved… and for people to be kind to them. We are so excited that we are doing to be able to go and serve them!”

A few days later we watched as the team reported their day of service on instagram. We were so excited to cheer on Amanda Black and her team at Retrospective Salon in Georgia as they went “Beyond the Chair”  to serve and show love to others last week. Someone shared " The day was magical. The kids were excited and so proud of their new do’s. All students walked away from the PVIS Salon holding their heads high and smiles on their faces!"

We are so proud and humbled to help inspire this work. It is awesome to see our initiatives inspire action all over the country. Let’s keep serving others in our communities and reminding them they are worthy, they are valuable and they are LOVED. Imagine what we can do together.

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