We are so excited to share our first “Partner Highlight” with you! Our partners are the on the ground organizations who are doing incredible work in the fight against human trafficking. A Safe Place is an organization in Wilmington, NC whose vision is to create a world free from commercial exploitation and human trafficking through community partnerships, empowerment, and opportunity. They are an empowerment organization focusing on prevention, advocacy, and restoration to assist victims of commercial sexual exploitation and domestic sex trafficking.

They fulfill this vision and mission through so many avenues that are such a powerful tool in fighting this injustice. A 24-hour hotline, transitional housing, direct support services, an outreach center, and hotel/motel outreach are some of their main tools. They are truly changing lives here in Wilmington and being an incredible resource to those who want to join the fight.

As partners with A Safe Place we have had the opportunity to glean knowledge from them, as well as connect all of our local partner salons with them. Furthermore, through the vehicle of our products we are thrilled to announce that were able to donate $1,000 gift to them this month and we will get to be apart of their “Day in the Life Luncheon”. We are honored to be in this fight alongside of them, and you are a huge part of it as well as you continue to purchase our products and spread the word about Missio. To learn more or get involved with this wonderful organization, check out their website at

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