Five14 Revolution is an incredible non-profit organization in Wilmington, NC that we are honored and excited to partner with! Five14’s mission is to serve as an interruption to human trafficking and sexual exploitation by bringing hope and empowerment to women in places of vulnerability. Their focus is on prevention as they seek to reach out to women experiencing hardship as a result of poverty, substance abuse, prostitution, homelessness, or even the challenges associated with being a single mom.

Five14 desires to meet the needs of women in places of vulnerability so that they do not have to make compromising decisions that might lead to human trafficking or exploitation. One of the ways that they do this is by operating a Storehouse. This is a place where women can come to have their practical needs met, such as: household items, baby care items, and personal toiletry items. These are items not typically covered by government assistance, so they are able to help alleviate these specific burdens and create relationships throughout the process. They also have an outreach ministry to Wilmington/the surrounding area, are a huge resource and connector to any help/services that a woman may need, and have a 24-hour hotline.

We love what Five14 is doing in our hometown and how they are aiding in the prevention of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. It is so incredible to watch organizations each find their specific role in this fight and live it out so beautifully!

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