Reflection on 2020: Inspired by Resilience

As our MISSIO team reflects on this past year, we are overwhelmed with gratitude and inspired by so many around us. We have all faced tremendous challenges, but what stands out the most is the beautiful resilience of so many. 

Back in 2013 when Lorin and I started working with and learning the stories of survivors of human trafficking, we had a choice to make. We could view this injustice through the lens of pain and hopelessness with no end in sight, or we could see the beauty, the hope, and the light that emerged from the stories of these brave women. Even in the darkest of days and the most dire of circumstances, they chose hope…we have learned from them to do the same. 

We have become confident that beauty can emerge from ashes, and we have seen so much of that beauty in 2020. 

This past year only solidified our absolute love for the salon industry, especially the stylists and owners who are its foundation. Their resilience in the face of the unthinkable can often go unnoticed, but we see it and celebrate it. For years, we have known that stylists are special…they are some of the most creative, loving, strong, hard-working, and influential people we have ever encountered. Mobilizing stylists to fight the issue of human trafficking was one of the main reasons we launched MISSIO, and we were inspired by them more than ever this year as they pressed on, endured, and overcame…largely with little help from others. 

Of course, we faced some set-backs too. From cancelled events, massive inventory delays, and major pivoting in how we grow our young business. But these glimpses of hope from others in our industry and the women we serve gave us courage to press on. 

And we grew. The MISSIO reach and message is spreading. Through the products, story, initiatives, and partnerships, we continued to have the opportunity to tell a different story about beauty. 

BECAUSE OF YOU we have leveraged technology to continue to educate on the prevention, rescue, and recovery of those who are trapped in the awful world of sex trafficking! To date we have educated thousands of people on this issue.

BECAUSE OF YOU we have been able to now serve women who are at-risk and in recovery from human trafficking on a weekly basis at MISSIO Studio. Since our beginning, over 250 people have received haircuts and other beauty services at no cost to boost their confidence and remind them of their worth. We also have been able to coach other hairstylists all over country how to use their gifts in this way as well.

BECAUSE OF YOU, we have been able to give over $20,000 to our non-profit partners here in the US and around the world as they continue to do such important work in fighting this issue! We have also been able to donate over $7,000 worth of MISSIO products to those in need.

No evil, no circumstance, no setbacks can overcome a movement of people who are passionately committed to shining light in this world. This is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to see what happens in the years to come. 

Thank you for inspiring us with your resilience…let’s keep going! 

Much love and gratitude, 

Kyle and Lorin

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