Many of you have heard that our long anticipated trip to Magnolia for the yearly event Spring at the Silos took an unexpected turn this week. After traveling across the country (an 18 hour drive each way for Kyle), weeks of preparation & setting up our full display to meet 45,000 people over the course of three days, we received the news that the event had to be cancelled out of an abundance of caution just hours before opening.

We could hardly believe it, but know that this was not an easy decision that had to made. After the announcement we experienced so many emotions, but mostly sadness that such a beautiful event could be affected so suddenly, just like so many things in our nation right now due to Covid-19 precautions.

As a vendor last year this opportunity allowed us to extend the reach of our small business & mission across the country, sharing our hearts with countless individuals & selling more products in three days than we EVER had in an entire month in business. It was the biggest blessing. 

As surreal as it was to head back to our tent the next morning to pack up (only 13 hrs after setting up the night before) the love & support of the Magnolia team was so evident. They even went to the extent of leaving a rose each tent with the message “We love you” and volunteered to help us pack & load, and do anything to ease the situation. 

We are so grateful to the incredible Magnolia family & staff for weathering the storm of such an unexpected event with such grace & consideration for us all. We are grateful for all of the other vendors for the community of love & support expressed for every small business. Thank you to everyone who has decided to shop online in order to combat the hit we are taking as a company due to these circumstances. 

A “Virtual Vendor Fair” has been announced (Thanks to Chip & Jo!) and posted on all Magnolia sites. Anyone can use the code SILOS2020 for Free Shipping on all orders on our website right now as well! ❤️ 

After all is said and done, we are so grateful for this invitation and the memories that we were able to make, even in a few short days. We absolutely hope to be able to return again.

Even though the events of the week were unexpected, we are trusting that good things can come of this, even if we can’t see them quite yet. So we are hanging on to HOPE and living from a place of peace and not fear… believing the best is yet to come.

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