From the beginning we knew that if MISSIO could provide simple, meaningful education to the salon industry on how to identify victims of human trafficking, we could make a difference. Since salons are seen as safe spaces, and exploitation is occuring in every state in the United States, we knew that the chances were high for salon owners and hair stylists to come into contact with those who were in need of help. It has proven to be true.

Since 2017, we have provided free training for thousands of people in the beauty industry all across the country. From in-person training at trade shows and cosmetology schools, to online zoom courses, we have shared stories and information to help equip the industry. One thing always proves to be true: The information is incredibly meaningful, people are empowered to make a difference as they learn what to look for, how to help and who to contact in case they ever became concerned about a client’s situation.

Here is one recent note that we received from a salon partner. They were one of the first salons that MISSIO spent time educating, and we were so grateful that three and a half years later this information still proved to be effective and helpful.

“Because of the tools and resources that MISSIO provided in the launch session when we first brought the hair products into our salon on how to identify potential traffic victims, we were able to identify a new client and use what they had given to alert the national and local hotline. That training was three years ago!! We felt more confident in the “alert” signs and how to communicate and act.

 Not only were we able to put their discrete info cards on the station in front of the woman, but the first question many team members had was have we called MISSIO?! So grateful to have them as a resource during a very tough and heartbreaking situation. What a rare thing to have such quality physical product paired with such quality heart work...!

MISSIO are not just hair products suppliers, but partners in beauty and empowerment of humanity. Thank you Lorin & Team!!”

It is sobering to receive emails or phone calls about what the most vulnerable in our own communities are experiencing, but we know this work increases vigilance & gives people the knowledge and tools that are needed in order to help those in need. It is the most beautiful work that can be done.

 Thank you so much for being a part of this work by choosing MISSIO.


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