The Sweetest Summertime Secret for Healthy Hair Growth

It’s summertime… the gorgeous sunshine, pool dips & warm evenings have been so refreshing. One thing that summer makes us think about is our favorite fresh fruits. Did you know that superfruits, provide amazing benefits for you hair- just like they do for your body and skin? Think about amazing it feels to chow down on your favorite acai bowl. The goodness that comes from acai, pomegranate, kiwi and more is not just a tangy treat for your taste buds- they provide incredible hair health benefits as well!

We knew from the very beginning that we wanted MISSIO products to provide the BEST nourishment & health benefits for our hair and so we worked with cosmetic chemists in order to select & include the most incredible blend of anti-oxidant rich extracts. Turn your shampoo or conditioner bottle around and just read it- It sounds like a tropical breakfast with goodness with a blend of extracts including: Kiwi, Goji, Coffee Seed, Acai, Noni, Pomegranate, Green Tea Leaf and Mangosteen.

The antioxidant-rich extract blend included in our shampoos & conditioners provide amazing benefits! They protect hair from breaking down, promote healthy scalp, clarify, strengthen, rejuvenate and hydrate hair.

One of our favorites is the Kiwi Fruit Extract and the benefits that this amazing fruit provides. First of all, Kiwi is full of zinc, which is a prominent mineral to keep hair healthy. It helps hair grow, prevents hair loss, and prevents dandruff. Kiwi fruit is also known to prevent premature color loss and early graying.One of the biggest benefits of kiwi for hair is that it can Kiwi also helps to fight hair loss because it's packed with essential vitamins, such as vitamins C and E, as important trace minerals that stimulate blood circulation, which is essential for a healthy scalp. It is also a superstar for combating dryness. What’s not to LOVE! You go little super fruit. We are so proud to have this amazing power-packed fruit, along with so many others in our shampoos and conditioners.

You know that when you are using MISSIO, you are not only making a difference with us, but choosing an incredible product for your hair with amazing benefits. So enjoy your summer full of warm evenings, sunshine & hopefully a beach visit or two, and know that with your MISSIO you are working to protect, strengthen and love on your hair with each use!

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