Dear Friends, 

Kyle here! When Lorin and I started MISSIO three years ago, we were fully committed to exuding a sense of hope in all that we do - our branding, our imagery, our products were all created to be uplifting. 

All of this was on purpose. Often, the issue of human trafficking, because it is so heavy, can leave us feeling exhausted and wondering what we can do. We wanted to change that narrative. The women we have worked with over the years, the survivors of human trafficking, taught us that there is ALWAYS hope - it never fails! They refused to be defined by the setbacks, the circumstances of their lives. Through them, we have learned how incredibly resilient all of us can be. 

Today, in the midst of the unknowns, the fears, and the setbacks that we all face due to the COVID-19 crisis, I just want to remind you that there is hope. We are resilient, and we can get through anything together. 

In the days and weeks to come, like many of you, we are having to adjust the way we do business, how we serve women who are at risk or in recovery, how we interact with our partner salons and stylists. 

One week ago, we were in Waco, Texas for one of our favorite events of the year, Magnolia’s Spring at the Silos. Hours after we were set up and ready to meet 15,000 people a day, the event had to be cancelled. It was a huge disappointment and a major setback for us. But through it, while having to become physically distant from others, our relationships have deepened, our sense of togetherness has grown. This is because we cling onto HOPE - we can lift one another up!

In the weeks to come, we want to better serve you. We will be offering FREE SHIPPING on ALL ORDERS. Hopefully, this will help you in a small way. 

Follow along on Instagram and Facebook. Lorin will continue to create FUN hair tutorials and encouraging messages. As always, we are committed to telling different story about beauty, and nothing will get in the way of that. 

There is ALWAYS hope, and we’re in this together. Be encouraged today! 

Much love, 



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