We Believe...

We believe…

01 — HOPE

Believe in restoring hope where it’s been lost.


Believe that beauty can be used for creativity, connection, and encouragement.


Believe in creating opportunities for people to make a difference and impact the world.


Believe that everyone is valuable, created on purpose and with purpose.


Believe that education can empower people and inspire change.

MISSIO was founded from a heart resolved on certain values, truths, and beliefs that lead to an undeniable desire to do something, to act. Through experiences, stories, and education a passion was created and a foundation was laid in our hearts. Hearing and entering into other’s stories shifted our worldview and these belief statements were forming under the surface...

Experiencing the power of serving one another, business influence, and shining a light in a dark place molded who we are today. Seeing firsthand the unique role that beauty can play in bringing hope, connection, and encouragement confirmed our vision and dream. Watching education open countless eyes and inspire change within our community opened our own eyes to the power of and need for increased awareness.

These belief statements are five truths that we have put words to that our company is founded on and lives from. We are fiercely passionate about each one and its unique role in who we are! We will be diving into each one individually over the next couple of months as we continue to have incredible difference makers like YOU join our movement.

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