Why Ambassadors?

As you may have seen, we have launched our first team of Stylist Ambassadors in our founding city. You can read all about them HERE (www.missiohair.com/stylistambassadors). The heart behind this special component of our company runs deep and wide. MISSIO was founded because of personal experiences of watching women come to life in new ways while receiving the gift of a haircut or manicure or pedicure. The impact that can be made while behind the chair while serving in your city…

Part of our mission is to MOBILIZE stylists to serve in their community. As we started to implement this in our founding city, we realized that we were starting a ripple effect. We found that certain stylists were rising up who not only wanted to serve with us, but they wanted to take it one step further and actually commit to serving and being a leader amidst their sphere of influence to mobilize others as well. We found that as we mobilized stylists it stirred a passion in their hearts to start mobilizing others. A beautiful picture of something that starts small can make HUGE IMPACT.

So we have launched them forward! Serving, educating, spreading awareness, and more- paving the way for change. We are so grateful for those who have partnered with us as Stylist Ambassadors in their community, and we cannot wait to watch what they spearhead forward as they use their gifts and talents to bless their city. Turning PASSION into ACTION.

If you are interested in applying to be an Ambassador click HERE. Our next launch will be January 2018, and we would love to have you Join the MOVEMENT.

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