Why Hair Products

Some of you may be wondering - why hair products? It's an interesting concept to pair the issue of human trafficking with hair products… Well, there are many answers to that question, but our purpose is really two-fold.

Firstly, human trafficking is an elusive issue that continues to exist because of the perceived low risk for traffickers and the high profits that it generates. Due to the fear, control, manipulation, and coercion that is used, it is hard to identify victims because they usually do not identify themselves. We believe the beauty industry has a beautiful and unique role to play in the identification and awareness of this issue.

Everyday thousands of women walk into salons, sit down in a chair that naturally feels safe, and begin to open up about things they might not tell other people. There is a beautiful vulnerability that lies within the salon chair. We believe that if stylists are educated on signs to look for and empowered in what to do if concerned about their client, then they truly can play a heroic role in the fight against human trafficking.

Secondly, hair products are an everyday tool that not only everyday consumers, but also the salon industry are using. What if an everyday product can be given a purpose where stylist and community members alike can be apart of this great fight by purchasing them, spreading the word about them, and starting conversations because of them? It creates a world where we are all on an everyday mission together.  

We believe in the beauty industry and we believe in the everyday consumer. We believe that one purchase, one interaction, one conversation can change a life. This is our two fold purpose: to inspire and empower people in the fight against human trafficking. Let’s do it together!

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