We had an amazing time at the Yellow Conference in Los Angeles at the end of August! The Yellow Conference is a two day conference for those making an impact and using their gifts, talents and skills and working for the good of the world. This year’s conference focused around the idea of how to ALIGN your work with your values... and feature many speakers who were passionate about fighting human trafficking. We had the opportunity to exhibit in the “Do-Good” marketplace where we met so may new people, shared about MISSIO and discovered other companies like UNCVRD Jewelry and REBBL drinks who are using their businesses to fight human trafficking as well.

One of the most inspiring speakers we got to hear from was Vera Lang, the Creative director at International Justice Mission- an incredible organization that is fighting modern day slavery and rescuing those trapped in darkness all over the world. She told the stories of spending time with those rescued including children that have been victims of cyber-sex trafficking.

“In the healing people just want to be seen. You are enough. You are worthy. You are wonderful. You are worthy of being seen,” she shared. We loved hearing this, as it affirms our work with survivors and rings true with our experience with serving those in recovery.

It was amazing to hear about the work of International Justice Mission and how they have rescued over 49,000 people from slavery and other forms of oppression.

“I believe we can be the generation that can see the end of slavery in our lifetime,” Vera shared.

Yes and Amen... we couldn’t agree more.

In addition to Vera Lang, we got to meet Barrett Ward founder of ABLE, the team at Carly Jean Los Angeles, Morgan Harper Nichols, Kirbie Johnson of the Gloss Angeles podcast, Sarah Dubbeldam founder of a Darling Magazine and so many more! We are truly grateful for our time in LA and all of the connections and meaningful partnerships that were formed.

Thanks for journeying & continuing to make a difference with us!!!

- The MISSIO Team


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