Your Education Saved My Life

Human trafficking is a complex and elusive injustice. It is complex because it is a worldwide crisis occurring in many forms, most notably labor, child, and sex trafficking. It is elusive because it can often blend in with it’s surroundings and can sometimes be very difficult to identify. In the US, sex trafficking exists and continues to grow because it can generate high profits and a perceived low risk for the traffickers. This low risk is because it can often be very difficult to identify potential victims of human trafficking. 

MISSIO is hoping to change that. We believe that if communities can be educated in identifying potential victims of sex trafficking, we can prevent it from happening. Specifically, We EDUCATE the beauty industry on how to identify potential victims of human trafficking, and how to connect them with HELP in their area. We believe that the beauty industry has a unique opportunity to reach victims right where they are. In the US, trafficked victims are often sitting in the salon chair or walking into beauty boutiques. Imagine thousands of stylists, estheticians, boutique and salon owners trained and equipped to identify victims and to take action. We believe that widespread vigilance can increase the risk for traffickers and change the lives of those in slavery.

With a curriculum created with experts on human trafficking and resources gathered from Polaris and local and federal law enforcement officials, MISSIO seeks to educate as many beauty industry professionals as possible through on-the-ground training and webinars. One of the greatest joys in our journey is watching individuals find a new purpose and passion within their career field. Our education has helped to inspire and equip hundreds of people to join the movement in the fight against human trafficking. If you are interested in becoming MISSIO Equipped by one of our staff, email Also, our free online training can be accessed at


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