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The Products

EVERY product purchase helps to fund efforts to fight human trafficking. Not only are they full of PURPOSE, they are made with luxurious ingredients, and a true treat for the hair. Sulfate free, paraben free, phthalate free, each one is color safe and many report that they are their hair has never looked or felt healthier!

Designed and tested by professional hair stylists, our formulas include heavenly, uplifting, citrus and fresh scents, natural extracts like kiwi, pomegranate and acai as well as nourishing proteins that offer anti-aging, frizz fighting and intensive damage recovery properties.

Affordable luxury products that leave hair feeling shinier, healthier and more amazing than ever before, and the fact that they help to make a difference in our world? What could be better?

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The Purpose

By choosing MISSIO products, you are a part of fighting human trafficking every single day. Whether purchased online or in stores, each purchase contributes to fighting human trafficking in three different ways: Efforts to EDUCATE, MOBILIZE and GIVE.

We are doing things like TRAINING salons & stylists on how to identify the warning signs of potential victims in their own cities and get them connected with help. We are creating opportunities where worth and value can be restored with something as simple as a fresh, beautiful haircut. And we are GIVING to non-profits that we believe are making a difference by RESCUING women and children, and providing them with safe spaces to recover.

EACH product purchase makes these efforts possible.

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MISSIO Products are AMAZING!!! My hair has never looked or felt this healthy before. I absolutely love how they smell and to top it all off, they help to fight human trafficking. I love knowing that I am making a difference in the world by choosing these products!


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