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The Products

Our products are a true TREAT for the hair and EVERY product purchase helps to fund efforts to fight human trafficking. We offer wholesale packages (including backbar) to stylists and salons, providing a beautiful, affordable luxury retail line that leaves hair feeling shinier, healthier and more amazing than ever before.

Made with luxurious ingredients, stylists report that they are comparable to other top luxury brands. Each product is designed and tested by professional hair stylists. Formulated with care, they are sulfate free, paraben free, phthalate free and color and keratin safe. Our formulas include heavenly, uplifting, citrus and fresh scents, natural extracts like kiwi, pomegranate and acai, as well as nourishing proteins that provide anti-aging, frizz-fighting, and intensive damage recovery properties.

By choosing to carry MISSIO products, YOU can be assured that your clients will LOVE their HAIR, their products, and that fact that you’re giving them the opportunity to JOIN YOU in making a DIFFERENCE in this world through their purchase. What could be better?

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The Purpose

As a beauty industry professional, we believe in the opportunity for YOU to make a difference every single day. By carrying MISSIO products, you are helping to fund practical and effective initiatives to fight human trafficking: Efforts to EDUCATE, MOBILIZE and GIVE.

We offer FREE TRAINING to stylists and salon owners on warning signs to look for in order to help IDENTIFY potential victims of human trafficking and how get someone connected with HELP. We provide tools and guidance to EMPOWER those just like you to use your gifts, serve those in your own cities with something as simple as a haircut. We also GIVE to non-profits that are doing great work rescuing women and children and giving them safe places to recover.

This is what each purchase of MISSIO products supports, meaning YOU can be proud of the difference you are making each and every day through carrying our products and being on MISSION with us.

It’s been amazing to carry products with a purpose… Not only do I absolutely love the products… they smell amazing… the ingredients are top of the line and I just love how shiny and healthy they leave my clients’ hair! But to also know that what I am doing every single day is helping people in need. It’s just awesome. MISSIO has helped me to allow what I do EVERY DAY to make an impact. I love this company!!!

— MISSIO Stylist report

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